Winter 2020

City Lab

A new way of engaging your city.

Your voice can make a difference.

About Workshop

Synapcity’s City Lab a 6-week experiential learning program bringing together students and residents from all walks of life. Participants will learn how to become a more effective citymaker and collaborate with others to make a difference in our city.

Throughout this pilot program, participants will explore complex city issues. Participants will learn about their city and work collaboratively on different living case studies facing Ottawa. The program is designed to give participants the confidence, knowledge, tools, and social connections needed to become engaged and effective residents and to emerge from the program as collaborators in determining and realizing the public good.

City Lab is a series of six three-hour evening sessions delivered over six weeks using a combination of in-person workshops and online learning.

Workshop Details

Co-created by residents, specialists and community developers, at Synapcity’s City Lab, you will:

  • CONNECT with other fellow residents, students and institutions by joining a community of practice people.
  • LEARN civic navigation, city issues, community engagement tools and best practices, and much more.
  • ACT by working together on an important issue facing our city and prototyping co-created solutions.

With opportunities to work both in big and small teams, you will use living Ottawa case studies to play with tools, strategies, and resources to advance a city issue.

Join Us

The Winter 2019 session is scheduled to run weekly on Tuesday evenings 5.30 PM – 8:30 PM from February 25th – March 31st.

A light dinner will be served so we may “share bread” as we begin each session.

Apply here by February 5 2020

City Lab is held at Saint Paul University (225 Main St.). Additional details to come.