Open Letter from Synapcity

Thank you for your continued support and participation as we navigate the continued change and impact of COVID-19.

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We are collaborators in
determining and realizing the public good.


Happy cities are made from happy people who feel connected to and responsible for future growth and prosperity for all.

A city is its people. You are this city.

We know that solving our city’s problems and overcoming our city’s challenges brings our city closer to reaching its full potential.

When our city moves closer to reaching its full potential, our city’s people move closer to reaching their own. The two are inseparable. That’s because our city—any city—is its people.

This is where CityMakers come in—those who take initiative to make a positive change in their community.

Our city is not a parcel of land within an imaginary line. Not a collection of roads, bridges and buildings. Not even a supply of services.

Our city is the range of decisions and actions taken by people to make themselves and their neighbours happier, healthier, smarter and safer.


Through civic education, public and community engagement, and consultation.

Social connection makes our brain better. We make this happen through community engagement. We gather positively passionate people, who would never otherwise meet, and help them contribute to our city’s accumulated intelligence.

Ottawa is big, busy and beautiful. It’s stable, diverse and prosperous. It’s one of the best places anywhere in the world to live, work and raise a family.


Our goal is to connect people for the sole purpose of making Ottawa even greater.

Sign up for our civic education programs where we empower people to collaborate and reach their full potential as an engaged resident in this vibrant, growing, positive community.

Check out our apt613 CityMakers Column to showcase some of the amazing people-led civic engagement work in Ottawa.

Use our consultation services where organizations, large and small, municipal and corporate, hire us to make their roundtables, public engagement and civic-building exercises powerful and insightful.

We want to hear from you, join us!