Lessons from the Pandemic

Re-Inventing Cities

A 3-part series on drawing lessons from the pandemic

About Workshop

Synapcity is launching a series exploring how the global pandemic has changed the culture of Canadian cities. Starting August 19th, over the course of three weeks, Synapcity will convene people from Ottawa and beyond to explore how our cities have changed and how people can come together to co-create a thriving city beyond the pandemic.

Workshop Details

Starting with a broad look at cities across Canada and then narrowing down to a focus on Ottawa, Synapcity will bring people together virtually to explore how cities have been impacted by the pandemic, and to identify what people on-the-ground can do to build and strengthen their communities. Inspired by Synapcity’s City Lab and Civics Boot Camp programs, these sessions will be informative, interactive, and practical.

Join Us

Sessions will run as follows:

  • “Fireside Chat: Pandemics, Cities, and Civic Culture” (Wednesday, August 19th, 6:00PM)

Join James Chan, Sophia Horwitz, Keren Tang, and Stephane Pressault for a fireside chat as they explore how cities and their communities have been coming together to grow from the global pandemic:

      1. How have Canadian cities been “stress-tested” by the pandemic? 
      2. What has held up well? 
      3. What has broken down or been inadequate to the challenge of covid-19?
      4. What urban adaptations have been tried, and to what extent are they working?
      5. What are emerging cultural trends and how are different communities responding?

This webinar is open to people across Canada, no need to register to watch (streamed on Synapcity’s Facebook Page). However, registration is required to participate in the complete 3-part workshop.

  • The Pandemic in Canada’s Capital (Wednesday, August 26th, 6:00PM)
    1. With a focus on Ottawa, we’ll look at Ottawa’s response and how it compares to other Canadian cities. What has Ottawa done well? Less well? What role have Ottawa residents played in the response? What has emerged in the response to the pandemic that ought to continue? 
  • Conceptualizing Our City Post-Pandemic (Wednesday, September 2nd, 6:00PM)

What opportunities for rethinking and restarting are possible in Ottawa? We’ll start to imagine practical steps for new ways of living in Ottawa in transportation, food security, recreation, culture and festivals, restaurants and socializing, housing and homelessness, libraries and learninge.

      1. What would the things ideas look like in the future ideally?
      2. What do we want to see?
      3. How is Ottawa going to change?