Orléans Talks

Orléans imagined.


Thirteen people came together in February and March to participate in a two-part discussion on Orléans.

Their aim was to create a vision of their community for Orléans Talks. This process, developed by Synapcity, helps people understand the power of coming together and discovering a shared connection to place, inspiring them to take action to make their neighbourhoods even better. This kind of dialogue promotes CityMaking: looking at community issues together and forming different perspectives.

During the two facilitated sessions, participants connected with each other, explored various concerns, and collectively imagined what Orléans could look like in 20 years. They examined barriers to CityMaking, and identified priority areas, to remove these barriers. Then, they produced three ideas to make Orléans an even better place to live, work, and play.

With the upcoming Light Rail expansion in 2022, Orléans is anticipating a significant change in its public transit infrastructure. It is expected that Orléans’ local economy will grow significantly.

With that in mind, residents and local businesses can play a role in guiding this shift, developing and innovating Orléans. Orléans Talks participants determined that priority should be given to growing and sustaining Community Associations (CAs), revitalizing main streets, and encouraging a culture of social entrepreneurship.


Participants imagined a neighbourhood where:

  • There is easy access to food.
  • People are engaged and connected with one another.
  • The neighbourhood encourages different forms of transportation, including bicycles and cars.
  • There are more places where houses and offices are built together, allowing people to live and work in the same area, ultimately reducing commute times and traffic congestion.
  • Petrie Island is highlighted as a vibrant destination, improving the local economy.
  • Orléans is an economic development centre that encourages social entrepreneurs.


If you’d like to learn more, download the report here.