Bells Corners Talks

Bells Corners Imagined.


On March 2018, 13 people gathered at the Centennial Public Library to imagine a new vision for Bells Corners. This process is developed by Synapcity to help people understand the power of coming together, discover a shared connection to place, and inspire them to take action to make their neighbourhoods even better. This promotes CityMaking, empowering people to form bonds by looking at community issues together.


During the two facilitated sessions, participants deliberated on potential barriers to CityMaking, and how to promote a spirit of community engagement throughout Bells Corners. Then, they came up with ideas to make Bells Corners an even more vibrant place to live, work and play.

Participants identified a civic apathy as an issue that needs to be addressed. This can potentially be linked to another concern that was flagged: the need for more communication between people and institutions. They then presented two ideas for creating a change in Bells Corners, including changes to the built environment, and repurposing what is already available to the community.