How can Ottawa acommodate more modes of travel?

Active Transportation Summit

About Workshop

Do you walk, cycle or take the bus in Ottawa? Do you want to know more about what the city can do to better accommodate all modes of travel? 

Ottawa is at a watershed moment for progress on walking, cycling and transit. The City of Ottawa’s new policy on “complete streets” for all users, the advent of a transformative Light Rail Transit project, and substantial infrastructure investments from the provincial and federal governments make this a key moment to assess an outlines for implementing a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible streetscape at scale.

Join Ecology Ottawa to learn about the City of Ottawa’s progress on cycling and pedestrian issues, identify strategic opportunities and build support for safer and healthier streets.

(Text from Ecology Ottawa.)

Workshop Details

The Active Transportation Summit will include:

  • A panel discussion on the future of Ottawa’s streets, featuring
    • Councillor Catherine McKenney, Somerset Ward
    • Alex Cullen, Federation of Citizens’ Associations
    • Heather Shearer, Bike Ottawa
    • Trevor Haché, Healthy Transportation Coalition
  • Representation from the organizations and community associations working to advance sustainable transportation in Ottawa
  • Presentation of the new Ecology Ottawa report, “Seizing the moment for safe and healthy streets”

Join Us

The event is free, but registration is required at

Synapcity will be present with a booth.