June 2nd 2018


Innovating Ottawa through hundreds of urban interventions!

About Workshop

Powered by Synapcity and Future Cities Canada, Ottawa joined the 100in1day movement for the first time in 2017. We’re excited to bring it back for a second year. We connect and inspire the people of Ottawa to embrace their capacity for positive change. We facilitate positive civic engagement and build bridges between disparate communities, so everyone feels connected and responsible for their city.

With huge thanks to the Councillors who kindly donated to us for the festival: Tobi Nussbaum, Jeff Leiper, Mathieu Fleury, David Chernushenko, and Scott Moffat.

And to the BIAs: ByWard Market BIA, Ottawa Markets BIA, and Quartier Vanier BIA.

And to our partners:

Workshop Details

100in1Day Ottawa is part of a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities. The festival provides residents with a platform to showcase their ideas aimed to spark change in their communities and share a vision for a better city.