a jane's walk event

100in1day Ideation Walk

Part neighbourhood exploration, part idea generator ...

About Workshop

Did you ever think to yourself, “This street corner / neighbourhood park/ city block would be so much better if there were . . .”

  • a place where the neighbours could sit together and sing
  • more community gardens with native plants to support honey bees and other pollinators
  • . . . your idea here . . .

Workshop Details

100in1day  is a global placemaking festival that inspires citizens to implement a simple activity or improvement that we call an intervention, all on the same day, in the areas of art, play, community, nature or design.

100in1day will take place in Ottawa for the first time this year – on June 3rd!

As a lead up to the 100in1day festival, this walk will be part workshop, part walk. We will explore the public spaces along Gladstone Avenue between Bronson Avenue and Lyon Street, and on the side streets in the adjacent neighbourhoods, looking for inspiration and ideas about ways that citizens can take action to improve the city, one small initiative at a time.

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Join Us

May 6, 2017.

3 pm.

We will meet at the entrance to McNabb Park on Bronson, just north of Gladstone. We’ll walk east on Gladstone and head towards Lyon, taking some trips up and down the side streets. The walk will follow city sidewalks.