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A city is not its streets and houses, its borders and structures. A city is the range of decisions and actions taken by people like you to make themselves and their neighbours happier, healthier, smarter and safer.

Happy cities are made of people who feel connected to and responsible for the prosperity of all, and every person should have the opportunity to feel connected to their neighbourhood and their city.
Ottawa’s future depends on all of us.

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Become a CityMaker

What They Said

Synapcity . . . created avenues for people to come together and talk about what they wanted to see in their community, and that engagement is really important.

Vision Jasmine

participant 2017

Synapcity is an organization of people builders. They ensure that all the voices of our city are heard. They push a group to a place that they didn’t think that they could go, and are masters of finding the way through. They were essential in helping us figure out what we wanted to do with the Wevolution and changed the outcome of our strategic vision profoundly!

Nathalie Carrier

Executive Director, Vanier BIA

So many people care about improving their city but they don’t know how to go about doing so. Synapcity is a fantastic organization for that.

Barrhaven Civic Talks


Before Synapcity, I’d never imagined reaching out to a politician. Throughout Boot Camp, we realized ‘wow, we can speak to these people’ – and more than that, Synapcity gave us the tools to use when we do speak to them.

Caroline W.

Civics Boot Camp alumna

Synapcity came into our city and transformed it. They have changed how we can inform our communities, how we can be a positive change and how we can exchange the knowledge and involve our community members in urban and rural areas.

Mathieu Fleury

Ottawa City Councillor

Synapcity’s mission to enable citizens to improve their city is a lofty goal, but an achievable one. If I were to try and describe it in venture capital terms, it acts as both an incubator and an accelerator. It lets new growth and ideas develop, while it amplifies existing initiatives across the city. I’d go so far as to argue, Synapcity is a damn good investment opportunity.

Civics Boot Camp


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