We Are Cities

Synapcity hosted, co-hosted and supported seven roundtables, bringing together more than 150 people from all sectors and points of view.

In 2015, Cities for People chose Synapcity as the Ottawa convenor for We Are Cities, a discussion to make Canadian cities healthy and exciting places to live, work and play.

Ottawa played a key role. As both a municipality and the nation’s capital, our city presented the opportunity to engage different groups and to learn from numerous perspectives. The result was dozens of powerful city-making ideas—for example, creating a governance forum including the Cities of Ottawa and Gatineau and the National Capital Commission, generating recognition of Algonquin people as protectors of our region, and developing a network of villages through recreational trails.

The We Are Cities National Action Agenda was released in January 2016. It’s the first-ever participatory urban policy agenda. It was submitted to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to begin working toward more connected, resilient and cooperatively designed Canadian cities.

Synapcity “was a dynamic and enthusiastic collaborator on the We Are Cities initiative,” says Robert Plitt, Executive Director, Evergreen CityWorks. “They provided a valuable perspective, advocating for a strong and representative process. Their ability to convene and connect diverse individuals cross-sectorally and facilitate tough conversations makes them an asset to any project.”