Have your say on how to make Ottawa an even greater place to live.


Calling all CityMakers

Synapcity connects and inspires the people of Ottawa to embrace their capacity for positive change.

In October 2016, we launched a campaign to solicit ideas from the people of Ottawa to make our city happier, healthier, smarter and safer. This initiative empowers greater Participatory CityMaking, actively involving stakeholders to find sustainable, usable results. This motivates citizens to find, share and act in ways that give back to their city. The ideas that Synapcity receives will be collated into a shared report of insights into diverse Ottawans’ hopes for the future growth of our city.

Through this deliberative participation, different perspectives can benefit from sustainable, innovative and mutually shared solutions to its problems. We help people and organizations of all backgrounds work together to progress Ottawa’s social and economic development. We facilitate positive civic engagement, building bridges between disparate communities, so everyone feels connected and responsible for their city.

Our city is its people. We’ve helped individuals across Ottawa collaborate to create some amazing projects that make our city an even greater place to live.


Some of our alumni have created amazing projects which you can support with your time and energy. Take a look at a few here.