The Ottawa Art Society Fund

A simple and easy way to support the visual arts in Ottawa.


Julie Hodgson came to the Fall Civics Boot Camp session in 2014 bringing her lifelong love affair with art to the table. She has supported her passion through various capacities as a project manager, writer, editor, arts officer, curator, and gallery guide at numerous cultural institutions like the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture. Since graduating from Civics Boot Camp, Julie has gone on to establish the Ottawa Art Society Fund.


The Ottawa Art Society Fund was conceived with the belief in the transformative power of the arts to effect social change and to encourage the development of arts projects within the National Capital Region. The objective is to create a sustainable fund and to provide a simple and easy way to support the visual arts in Ottawa.

They’ve already awarded their first grant to the Ottawa Art Gallery Expansion Fund earlier this year and have set their 2017 sights on helping the Carleton University Art Gallery produce an illustrated catalogue highlighting the work of the late Inuit Artist Alootook Ipellie (1951 – 2007).

To support the granting initiative and simultaneously offer educational programs to members, the Ottawa Art Society Fund recently launched OTTAWA TALKS, which includes tours of both public and private art collections and architectural spaces.

Julie remembers being profoundly affected by art since she was nine years old and her father’s work took her family to Paris. She hopes to share and nurture that sense of wonder with others through the Art Society.


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