How Synapcity is Responding

to Covid-19

We hope you are all taking care and looking out for family, friends and neighbours during these challenging times.

As we all have a responsibility to help to minimize the spread of the virus, we will be conducting business remotely until further notice. Our office at Saint Paul University will be closed but we will continue to respond to emails and phone messages – we just won’t be “out in the community”. And we will continue to bring you community news through our weekly e-bulletin.

It is going to take our collective effort as a community to manage this situation but we will get through this together. Let us now how you are coping and if you have any stories to share.

City Lab

Our City Lab, which runs until March 31, has gone online. With the help of Laura Bowley, one of our participants, we all logged on Zoom to work together on our projects, continuing to explore some of Ottawa’s most pressing civic challenges.  It was truly beautiful to see such engagement from residents across Ottawa and it served as a reminder of how important it is to look at ways to be resilient and thrive in our communities during this unprecedented time in our history.

Staying safe and taking care of each other

  • In addition to washing your hands often with soap and water, cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue or into your arm, not your hand. And avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth unless you have just cleaned your hands – much easier said than done as we are all learning!
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Practice safe ‘social distancing’ (ideally 2 metres). While you may not feel sick, please be mindful of the members of our community who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than others.
  • Don’t shake hands. Instead, wave, nod, smile, or elbow pump.
  • We know that we should be avoiding visiting hospitals or long-term care centres, but if you have seniors or vulnerable individuals in your family or circle of friends, check on them with a phone call to make sure they are ok.
  • The Public Health Agency of Canada suggested neighbors create “a buddy system in which you agree to check in on each other and run essential errands if you become sick” – community support that is essential, particularly for older adults living alone.
  • Go for walks and greet the people you meet, just keep your distance.
  • Tell friends about online opportunities to enjoy concerts and other events.
  • Call 211 if you have any questions about services and resources available to you.
  • As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, please be mindful of its impact on your mental health. It’s normal for situations like this to affect you and it’s completely OK to ask for help. If you need support, the Distress Centre of Ottawa is there 24/7 at 613-238-3311.
Latest Information
We will continue to closely monitor the progress of COVID-19 and follow all recommendations from Health Canada, Public Health Ontario, and Ottawa Public Health. We encourage you to visit
OttawaPublicHealth.ca/Coronavirus for the latest information, and if you have any concerns or symptoms, please contact Telehealth Ontario at
1-866-797-0000.Follow Ottawa Public Health on Twitter or Facebook to receive notification of updates regarding COVID-19.