Synapcity presents

100in1day Ottawa on June 3

Global citizen-led festival empowers residents to inspire change in cities by turning creative ideas into interventions on Saturday, June 3, 2017

OTTAWA, ONTARIO (June 2, 2017) – For the first time ever, Ottawans share their vision for a better city through 100 urban activations on Saturday, June 3, 2017 during 100In1Day. The city-wide festival is a fun, inclusive way to focus on the role of people and public spaces, demonstrating how small citizen-led changes can make big improvements to cities. This year, OTTAWA is joined by Edmonton, London and Hamilton as part of the global citizen engagement event. The activities are free to attend or participate.

This Saturday, Ottawa neighbourhoods come alive with more than 100 interactive events created and led by residents, community groups, businesses and local organizations. The city-wide activities showcase how just one action, from generating community art projects, taking care of local habitats, and creating accessible fun ways to connect with neighbours, can sow seeds for a more resilient city.

June 3 is a true Ottawa love-in. We encourage everyone to participate and support the people hosting events in their community. Play, learn, explore, dance, laugh, meet, skip, restore, walk, experiment, colour, cook, eat, dream, think …!

Here are a just a few highlights for 100in1day:

  • Rhythm Jumpers Double Dutch Party invites people of all ages to come and skip together – a reminder of the simple joys of childhood games. Awesome music and tons of ropes provided. With Ping Pong Rec Day come and celebrate Ottawa’s brand new first and only outdoor ping pong table at the Britannia Woods Community House.
  • Sanad Collective is offering an evening potluck at the Rhoda Mosque garden to celebrate Ramadan with Iftar Under The Stars – an invitation to learn and share. Langar for Hunger is spreading the principle of equality and caring communities inspired by the Sikh faith’s practice of free kitchens; they will be offering free food and information.
  • Connecting with Nearby Nature promotes the importance of nature in improving children’s education. The Mus Lake Clean Up wants to ensure the continues health of this unique urba landscape and sanctuary for many species, including turtles.
  • Paint Therapy and Walk and Talk are both raising awareness of mental illness and the importance of nature and art therapy in communities.
  • Science and play are also on the scene with Robot Missions Field Test. They invite participants to use their 3D printed robots to collect tiny and harmful trash from the shorelines. And Biohacker Space will be activating cool science demos in its community lab.

For more information and hours of these urban interventions, visit:

Everyone has a role to play in making our communities happier and healthier, says Manjit Basi, Executive Director of Synapcity. “The 100in1day event catalyzes people’s ideas and passion to make something happen. It’s an opportunity for 100’s of people to participate and experiment with social change, illustrating how one day can spark initiatives that can transform and benefit an entire city.”

Synapcity is a not-for profit organization that provides programs for people, groups, and institutions to learn, act and connect on ideas that make our city thrive. In bringing 100in1day to Ottawa for the first time this year, Synapcity has hosted several workshops and worked with groups one on one to help generate ideas and plan implementation. The festival couldn’t happen without the support of partners such as the United Way, Evergreen, JackPine, Apt613, CKCU, AlternaSavings and others. “Most importantly, the 100in1day event could not happen without the people of Ottawa – this is a celebration of their commitment and love for their city.”, says Manjit.

Please contact Manjit Basi, Executive Director at Synapcity for all media inquiries: 613-277-1082 or