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18 October 2018

Freedom from Partisan Politics

With the upcoming municipal elections just days away, we thought it would be appropriate to write about cities and the...

20 August 2018

Creative Citizenship and Democratic Participation: Mary Parker Follett

Here at Synapcity we have been thinking a lot about how we can further bring people together to improve community...

07 February 2018

Meet Jeremy Laborde

As well as being a fantastic musician, Jeremy Laborde supports Synapcity's French translation. With Jeremy, we reach an ever wider...

18 December 2017

Emma Sheppard

We're pleased to introduce Synapcity volunteer, Emma Sheppard. Using social media, Emma connects diverse communities online, and empowers citizens to...

14 December 2017

‘The Bear’ by JustJamaal The Poet

On Tuesday, December 5th, at our Creative CityMakers event, Ottawa’s Poet Laureate, Jamaal Jackson Rogers, a.k.a. JustJamaal, showed his awe-inspiring...

01 December 2017

Barrhaven Civics Talks

Bringing people together creates magic. Earlier this month, I facilitated our Barrhaven Civics Talks with a group of passionate and...

21 November 2017

Youth Action Showcase

This past week, I was honoured to have been invited to City Hall as a Community Leader for the Youth...

19 October 2017

Throwback to Civics Boot Camp

Synapcity held the first session of its spring Civics Boot Camp on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, at Ottawa City Hall....

11 October 2017

Participatory CityMaking

What is Participatory CityMaking? Is it just another trendy term only accessible to latte-sipping urbanites or is there something deeper...

04 October 2017

A hello note from Laine

Dear Friends, I first came across Synapcity in the fall of 2014, back when it was still Citizens Academy. I...
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