Civics Boot Camp Spring 2018

Noah Fang: Alumni Testimonial


12 September 2018

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Civic Design is closely related to Urban Design, one of my constant interests. Synapcity’s vision and direction instantly resonated with me, so I decided to give it a try. Civics Boot Camp was thought-provoking, inspiring, and overwhelming at times!

I absolutely loved the sessions. I had the chance to do quite a few things on my wish list, like chatting intimately with key stakeholders from the city, connecting with activists and advocates with relatable ambitions, and collaborating with a truly diverse group of people from all walks of life on social problems, old and new. I enjoyed it so much that I wish it was longer!

My biggest takeaway is that, by both participating and observing, I got to know not only what the people representative of Ottawa are thinking in terms of civic design, but also how they think and take action. I got to connect with people whose causes I can contribute to; I found people who can help me on my own pursuit of approaching social problems. The learning greatly enhanced my perspectives, and the connections strengthened everyone’s ability to act. I’m very very happy about the outcome.

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