Our translator extraordinaire!

Meet Jeremy Laborde


07 February 2018

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As well as being a fantastic musician, Jeremy Laborde supports Synapcity’s French translation. With Jeremy, we reach an ever wider community, bringing participatory CityMaking to more citizens.

In the past, Jeremy has also organized non-profit concerts for the Michael J. Fox Foundation at the Shenkman Arts Centre. You can listen to his work here: www.jeremylaborde.ca.

What is your background?
I’m originally from France and studied music and languages in University. I worked as a language teacher for 12 years (first in secondary schools and then with government employees in Canada) until 2014. I’ve since been working as a training coordinator and I’m actually looking in the long term to work full-time with non-profit organizations as a coordinator.

How long have you lived in Ottawa, and what is your favourite thing about the city?
I moved to Ottawa 10 years ago and the one thing I love about Ottawa is its diversity. When you get to know the city  you realize how much it has to offer (music festivals, museums, arts, parks, etc.) and how much people love Ottawa when they take the time to know the city.

What change would you like to see in Ottawa?
I would like people to realize that Ottawa is no longer the town that fun forgot!

How did you come across us?
Early this year, I was looking into non-profit organizations to volunteer and get to know new people. I found the Synapcity website by chance and it was exactly what I was looking  for: an organization where people share their ideas to make Ottawa an even better place to live. I’m bilingual and have worked as a translator from time to time for work, so I thought that if the website were to be translated in French, you could reach even more people in Ottawa.

What does community and civic engagement mean to you?
I think civic engagement is what makes a city. It’s the people who “build” ideas who helps a city reach its full potential.

Why Synapcity?
I believe Synapcity will help me use my creative mind more often and if, in turn, I can help Synapcity reach the francophone community whether through translation, public speaking or public outreach, I’d feel happy to really be part of a community that aims to make Ottawa a great place to live.