Is Synapcity a Community Broker?


29 January 2018

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Is Synapcity a community broker? In short, yes. We teach civic navigation, engagement and dialogue, supporting people of all backgrounds to initiate and participate in civic action, while advocating for collaboration and compassion. We energize and activate people and institutions to work together, forging lasting relationships to make a better Ottawa. Through our core programs, Civics Boot Camp and Civics Talks, we successfully facilitates civic discussion between diverse groups, key stakeholders and organisations.

So, what’s a community broker?

A community broker can be described as “a valuable resource for achieving the aims of both organisations and community groups involved in a partnership.” [BITC].

Community brokers understand the importance of employee community engagement, and can support organisations by identifying opportunities in the local community for business. They bring together organisations, people and governing bodies to work together, continuously learning from each and every interaction.

Community brokers function as “translators” for institutions, explaining what the local community wants. They can take it even further by preparing citizen groups, trained in constructive, co-operative discussion. This is ideal for partnership with organisations or, for example, city staff, for when an idea needs comprehensive feedback.

What does that mean for Ottawa?

It means that Synapcity can act as a bridge between people and institutions, ensuring both sides are heard. It means we can facilitate the exchange of ideas, and help people of all backgrounds find their voice, and use it constructively.

In the past, this has included:

      • Hosting several ‘What Would It Take’ conversations with various organisations.
      • Our Vision Jasmine project, partnering with the Eastern Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre and Tim Tierney to explore as a community what could make Jasmine an even better place to live.
      • Being part of the 2017 Ottawa CityBuilding Forum to discuss what citizens want for Ottawa – and much, much more.

Want to get involved?

There’s plenty of events, such as Orleans Talks, Civics Boot Camp, and 100in1Day this June 2nd.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to book a meeting room for your own community project, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Coorporation has some very affordable options. You can also book a room with the Ottawa Public Library.

Let’s get CityMaking!