Civics Talks

Working with people and their communities to share ideas and inspire change.

About Workshop

We believe that people care deeply about where they live, but don’t always know where to look or how to ask for help in making positive change. Civics Talks enables people to explore what’s important to them,  where they live. 

Synapcity’s Civics Talks are experiential learning sessions designed to help interested citizens understand the inner workings of a civic system and their role within that system. Civics Talks are delivered in partnership with community groups and other grass-roots organizations to engage the widest possible cross-section of Ottawans.

Workshop Details

In a three-hour workshop, our experienced facilitators work with people and their communities to share and uncover dreams and hopes while practicing collaborative skills to create a safe and healthy learning environment. 

We have made accessibility and approachability a priority for this workshop: we want to hear from people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, and everything in between. We believe that everyone with a lived experience of our city has a unique point of view that brings value to every conversation. Synapcity will work with you to bring those ideas to the fore.

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Stay tuned for news of our next scheduled event coming soon.

Alternatively, if you are interested in partnering to deliver a Civics Talks in your community, contact us to discuss.