True engagement exists when all perspectives are shared and heard, and common goals are realized.


We know how to establish positive, meaningful connections and dialogue among people. If this is something you need, we'd love to work with you.

People first. Always.

A city is its people. When we embrace and celebrate our diversity, we have the power to connect, collaborate and improve our city for everyone. True engagement exists when all perspectives are shared and heard, and common goals are realized.

Is your organization ready to deeply engage with stakeholders? Are you interested in new ways of building empathy among disparate groups? Do you wish you better understood the sentiments and priorities of your local community?

We work with organizations to custom-design and facilitate meaningful and productive engagement projects with their audiences. Without political agenda or bias, we offer a process for positive change.  We create a space for participatory CityMaking, actively involving all stakeholders to help ensure end results are sustainable and usable. We bring the right people together and facilitate positive, empathetic discussion to identify ways to improve, maintain and expand the wonders of Ottawa.

We believe the only way to work with anyone, individual or group, is as an impartial, trusted partner. Our work enhances and extends the efforts of those who believe in the power of shared decision-making.

We work with you to design and facilitate engagement sessions, working through complexity to find solutions and come to a collaborative decision-making that is mindful of all participants.

Get in touch and find out how we can help you with powerful engagement through effective, enjoyable and inclusive consultation and facilitation.


See how Synapcity has worked with organizations to help deeply engage with stakeholders to promote shared understanding and positive dialogue.

We Are Cities

Ottawa played a key role. As both a municipality and the nation’s capital, our city presented the opportunity to engage different groups and to learn from numerous perspectives. The result was dozens of powerful city-making...


  We understood that the ward leaders needed to develop a more participatory public-engagement plan than the systems traditionally used for citizen consultation. We developed BudgetSpeak, a series of sessions in which more than 350 participants...