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Just in it's first year, you created 100 citizen-led activities across our city - all in 1 day!


12 June 2017

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You did it! 106 city-building actions hosted by everyday citizens all over Ottawa – all in one day, June 3. For our first ever participation in the global placemaking festival, you took the risk to experiment, create community, spark ideas, and make change happen.

You put your passions out into the world. For that we thank you!

Ottawa neighbourhoods came alive with interactive events created and led by residents, community groups, businesses and local organizations. The city-wide activities showcase how just simple actions can sow seeds to make Ottawa flourish even more.

Googly eyes placed in public places surprised people and made them stop, laugh, and interact. Free bike taxi rides helped raise awareness about road safety. Front yard urban gardening conversations were had. And paint therapy in the park highlighted the importance of art in our health and well-being.

More information about what we learned to come soon, but what we know for sure – this city has mojo. The people care, and we are ready to take action and shape our city. It was a true Ottawa Love-In.

Who knows what we will make happen next.