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Brian Ouellette: Thoughts on Civics Boot Camp

I moved to Ottawa from Dallas, Texas in June 2016 to get married. Having worked for 24+ years, it was...

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Barrhaven Civics Talks

Bringing people together creates magic. Earlier this month, I facilitated our Barrhaven Civics Talks with a group of passionate and...

Youth Action Showcase

This past week, I was honoured to have been invited to City Hall as a Community Leader for the Youth...

Throwback to Civics Boot Camp

Synapcity held the first session of its spring Civics Boot Camp on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, at Ottawa City Hall....

Participatory CityMaking

What is Participatory CityMaking? Is it just another trendy term only accessible to latte-sipping urbanites or is there something deeper...

A hello note from Laine

Dear Friends, I first came across Synapcity in the fall of 2014, back when it was still Citizens Academy. I...

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