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Freedom from Partisan Politics

With the upcoming municipal elections just days away, we thought it would be appropriate to write about cities and the...

Synapcity’s Placemaking Project

Since January 2017, Synapcity has been collaborating with the residents of an Ottawa Community Housing building in Centretown to re-imagine...

Indigo Holley: Alumni Testimonial

I’m a very engaged citizen. I’m always interested in more opportunities to learn, so that I can be an even...

Noah Fang: Alumni Testimonial

Civic Design is closely related to Urban Design, one of my constant interests. Synapcity’s vision and direction instantly resonated with...

Creative Citizenship and Democratic Participation: Mary Parker Follett

Here at Synapcity we have been thinking a lot about how we can further bring people together to improve community...

Synapcity & the Future of Work

Have you ever met someone with all the answers? Someone who can throw facts and figures around from memory and...

Synapcity & Hintonburg CA

Synapcity was pleased to have been invited to support the Hintonburg Community Association (HCA)’s Strategic Retreat this month. We bring...
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