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Civics Talks launches Dec. 2

We believe that people care deeply about where they live, but don’t always know where to look or how to ask for help in making positive change. Civics Talks enables people to explore what’s important to them,  where...

Manjit Basi honoured with spark Ignite Award

This month, the first-ever spark Ignite Award will be presented to Ottawa philanthropist, businesswoman and community builder, Manjit...

Synapcity featured on Daytime Ottawa

Synapcity co-founder, Manjit Basi, and Stiff CEO, James Hanington were welcomed to Daytime Ottawa in October. They spoke with Rogers TV host Dylan Black about our new brand, how it came to be and what you can expect from us in the future. You can view the...

Synapcity Nominated for Social Impact Award

This October, Synapcity was nominated for the Ottawa Social Impact...


Join our workshops to help build the skill sets you need to make positive change in your Ottawa.

Mapping Engagement

Led by organization and leadership consultant Ingrid Richter, this dynamic and interactive workshop will introduce you to network...

Placemaking 101

In these four-part Synapcity sessions, citizen-led teams come together with civic leaders to imagine and design the places and spaces that are important to them in their...

Civics Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a series of six three-hour evening sessions delivered over six weeks using a combination of in-person workshops and online...


Our city is its people. We've helped individuals across Ottawa collaborate to create some amazing projects that make our city an even greater place to live.

The Ottawa Art Society Fund

Julie Hodgson came to the Fall Civics Boot Camp session in 2014 bringing her lifelong love affair with art to the...

Lending Library

Maria Gomez Umana graduated from the Synapcity Civics Boot Camp with a burning desire: improve the city. Specifically, she wanted to develop a stronger sense of community in her Kanata Lakes...

Ottawa Tool Library

If I had a hammer. That was Bettina Vollmerhausen’s wish. She wanted to create a lending library similar to a public book library but with a focus on household...


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